Myths in human culture.

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In the Hindu myth, The Creation, Death and Rebirth of the Universe, it was interesting to

me, to see the importance and signifigance of the governing divine power known as

Vishnu.The divine power in The Creation, Death and Rebirth of the Universe is Vishnu

who takes several forms throughout the Creation to Rebirth cycle. Vishnu plays an

important role as he is the one to set up the world for humans to inhabit. As he initally

does this, the humans are in a perfect state. However, the humans soon morally and

socially decline. Vishnu really doesnt posess any authority over the humans actions. That

is left up to them. Consequently, after many Maha Yugas, or cycles of human life, Vishnu

reappears as Shiva and destroys life on earth. Soon after Vishnu then takes form as

Brahma and creates life once again as the cycle continues. This is evidence that although

powerful, Vishnu has really little control over the actions of people making him more of a

non-omnipresent god and more of a finite being.

Vishnu`s objectives are to create and

destroy the earth and keeping the cycle running and less dictating principle and virtue to


To me, an Atheist, the religious principles contained in The Creation, Death and

Rebirth of the Universe are objectively more postive than other myths in that people are

allowed to make decisions for themselves and the fact they are not constantly being

watched for errors committed in life. This allows people to not live in fear and also allows

them to make their own destiny contributing to the betterment of humanity instead of

pleasing a God or the lining the pockets of the local mouthpiece for a God. I view the

Hindu myth being as more Agnostic as it is clear to see...