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What I know, assume, or imagine As I tried to pick a topic for my I Search paper in February, I had no idea what I was going to write on. Yet, suddenly I was stroke by an idea. Somehow, my attention was brought upon the topic of NAFTA. Before last summer, I knew nothing about this topic. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to join he Decathlon Team. Through it, I was able to gain some knowledge about the North American Free Trade Agreement.

        What I know about NAFTA is that it was an agreement established in 1994. This agreement is between the US, Canada, and Mexico. It is designed to eliminate all trade barriers and tariffs between the member countries. Its supporters include Bill Clinton & Bob Dole. However, it is opposed by Patrick Buchanan, labor unions, environmentalists, and protection.

        There are four things that I assumed about NAFTA. First of all, I assume that this agreement will benefits Mexico more than Canada & US.

Second, it will create more jobs for Mexicans while taking away the jobs of US citizens. Third, big companies will tend to move their manufacturing facilities to Mexico. Fourth, there would be more factories in the United States that would close down as a result of foreign competitions.

        I imagine that the government knows that this agreement is hurting US labor force; yet, still is not doing anything about it. Also, it is design to help big business. In addition, as a result of this big businesses are the supporters behind NAFTA because it will increase their profits.

The Search Two weeks after I have chosen my topic, I began to do some researches about NAFTA. My first destination was our school library. At first, I had some troubles locating the source. I began searching on...