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International Trading Alliances.

In recent years global economic pressures have been rising tremendously. With such competition it seems logical to implement a regional economic integration system such as NAFTA. By reducing trade barriers throughout Canada, United States, and Mexico NAFTA has enabled a powerful threshold to empower an effective trading relationship.

        In efforts to lower the trading barriers and investments between countries NAFTA has decided to integrate these North American countries. I feel that it is necessary in order to compete in a global environment to act as a team of cooperative countries. Furthermore, I believe that if other free trade organizations are integrating forces that eventually they could obtain a sustainable competitive advantage concerning their economies.

        Within the NAFTA agreement it addresses such concerns as a screwdriver plant. The protection policy concerns other countries establishing businesses within the NAFTA premises. This policy further addresses that the countries outside of the agreement must have over sixty percent of its pre-assembled parts bought from the countries in alliance.

I agree with this protection policy for the fact that if other countries could take advantage of the free trade agreement, while manufacturing their own products, their country would have a differentiated economical advantage.

        Another notion that NAFTA has once enacted but later retracted was the fast-track authority. This process allowed the president to negotiate trade treaties with other countries. Whereof the House of Representatives and the Senate needed to approve but Congress did not. This process was not renewed but will be considered if the environment, workers rights, and human rights were incorporated into this agreement. Although some think these matters are not relevant I feel that they must be considered in order to maintain the integrity of the association.

        I suggest that it is imperative that the NAFTA stay in...