Nahash the serpent. The word Nahash is written with the accents in the hebrewq, which may not come thru in the text download.

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Most people have thought of the snake as a slimy, slithery, cat eyed worm and typically people think of the snake as an ugly, scary reptile. For many, many generations the sapiens have despised and felt contempt for the Septuagint.

It may surprise you that the nāhāsh was the most cunning, sneakiest, wisest, and subtle animal of all the beasts that the Lord God had made on the earth. At first, the nāhāsh creatures were superior in many aspects as well as in beauty. Nāhāsh, the literal Hebrew term used to describe the serpent, does not specify whether the serpent was poisonous, purple, hairy or small. Whatever this nāhāsh was, it stood above all the inferior animals in consciousness and understanding. Contrary to what they were in their previous state, the curse of GOD has altered the nāhāsh to a creature of fraud and mystery, as thought of today.

The nāhāsh was endowed with the gift of reason and speech, we find him reasoning and questioning with Eve, in the book of Genesis 3:1, it reads, "The nāhāsh carefully asking the woman, "Are you sure GOD said, that you may not take of the fruit of any tree in the garden?" The dialect shared between them seems to be comfortable and on more than one occasion.

No other animal in the entire world was granted the gift of speech and reasoning, and the curse still remains that way.

The first woman of earth, Eve, and the nāhāsh would converse amongst one another. The way the conversation is introduced in the Bible, it appears to be a casual interaction that had passed between them. Adam and Eve undoubtedly often, had spoken with him, hear him reason and seen him walk erect. Following with this rational, leads me to believe, Eve was...