The Naive Vegetarian

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With the current trend in trying to lose all fat and eating zero carbohydrates, dieticians are constantly looking for ways to satisfy the hungry dieters. Many have claimed that the consumption of meat is the cause of shorter life span and bad health, so the populace has been convinced that a meat-deficient life is the easier, healthier life to live. This however, is a terribly wrong answer, only leading to many hardships. Eating meals that lack meat products make maintaining good health extremely difficult because of the need for nutrients.

Having a strict "produce-only" diet makes it hard on the body because of the lack of diversity in a vegetarian's diet. Vegetarians will have a difficult time finding specific nutrients in vegetables that are most prevalent in meat. Since many vegetables are devoid of minerals, vegetarians spend a lot of time and money searching for vegetables that give sufficient amounts of nutrients necessary.

Without a balance between vegetables and meat products, there is a higher chance of disease. A common disease among vegetarians is anemia. It is unnatural for humans to have meat absent in their diet because the essential proteins and minerals that help the body function properly are missing. In an experiment performed by Dr. William Beaumont, he was able to observe the rate of digestion. Through his experiments he was able to find that raw meats were digested faster than vegetables. By discovering this, he proved that a human's digestive system has a greater affinity for meat than for vegetables and is not made only for vegetables. The lack of variety in diet can also lead to a lack of energy because fifteen percent of calorie intake is from proteins. The vegetarian would have to eat much more than the person eating a balanced died to get...