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Naked by Ariff Halim


There are lots of things that could make me sit down, wondering for explanations that would help me understand better of those things. For once, I never could find any answer as to why my brother's girlfriend had sex with him, but refused to lose her virginity at the same time.

Confused? You should have seen my reaction when my brother told me that secret of his a few months ago.

"I'm serious Dan," said my brother with his face glowing red like a tomato about to burst at any moment. It probably could too, for all I know. Ngah was not the type that would share his private secrets with anyone. Although we were pretty close back when we were still in the kindergarten, but that seem like ages ago.

"Now wait just a minute Ngah. How could you…you know, do that and not have her lose her…crown-jewel? I mean, that's just…not possible!" I do realize that I was raising my voice and I shouldn't have done that because our parents could have overheard our little 'pillow talk' but I was too surprised by what he had just told me at the time.

He threw his pillow at me, but it missed and knocked down the bed-lamp instead.

"Shhh! You don't have to tell the whole world, you idiot! Do you want to wake ma and bah up or something?!" he said in a very whispery voice. Exasperate, you might say.

"Tell me, from the beginning. I just couldn't figure out anything here. That is one weird girlfriend you have there."

He looked right at me but I know his mind was wandering elsewhere. He always does that whenever he is too nervous to speak out, as if he goes into a deep trance...