Name:. Book title: The Hitchhiker’s Guise To The Galaxy. Author:

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Book title: The Hitchhiker’s Guise To The Galaxy.

Author: Douglas Adams.

Number of pages: 143 Plot/story Line: Arthur and his friend Ford are hitching a ride with a Vogon space ship after the earth’s destruction. After getting kicked out from the ship they’re being saved by “the heart of gold” which is driven by the ex-president of the galaxy, Ford’s cousin, Zaphod Beeblebrox and his friend Trillian. The four are going to the legendary planet - “Magrathea”.

Main Characters: Arthur Dent: human, Ford’s best friend on earth. Annoys Zaphod with his stupid question and misunderstanding the universe since it’s the first time that he leaves earth.

Ford Prefect: Alien, from a vicinity of Betelgeuse Arthur’s friend and Zaphod’s cousin. He was stuck on earth for 15 years and lived as an unsuccessful actor.

Zaphod Beeblebrox: Alien, from Betelgeuse. Was the president of the galaxy, until he decided to steal the most amazing ship ever built, “The Heart of Gold” .

Trillian: Human, from earth came to the crew with Zaphod 6 months before earth’s destruction.

A book review: As a science-fiction fan I enjoyed reading this book very much, since it combines science, fiction and comedy. The main story line was originally a sketch on the BBC at the seventies. It was first called “The Ends Of Earth” and it presented all sorts of ways to end the life on earth, in a funny way. The name for the book came to the Author when he was lying drunk in the field while he was looking at the stars. He carried a book with him called “The hitch hiker’s Guide To Europe”.

The “Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy” is filled with funny moments, most of them are very unrelated to the plot. For example there is a 2 pages part about a sperm whale’s thoughts from the moment he was created to the second he died, the funniest part in the book! The book is most recommended to the SCI-fi fans, or those that really like a good laugh.

The story begins with Arthur Dent’s story, the local council is trying to demolish his house in order to build a bypass. While he is trying to prevent them from doing demolishing his house, his friend, Ford Prefect, takes him to the local bar, tells him about the earth’s upcoming destruction by the Vogons. The Vogons also want to build a bypass and unfortunately earth’s in the way, so the earth is being demolished. Apparently earth is not a planed but the most powerful computer ever built. It’s purpose is to calculate life’s basic answer for the… mice! 5 minutes before he finished the 7 and a half million years’ calculation the Vogons had come… The two friends get on the fastest space ship ever built, “The Heart Of Gold” that works with the improbability drive. That will take you to where ever you need as long as you’ll give Eddie, the computer, the improbable chance you’ll get there.

In the ship they hook up with 3 other friend’s Zaphod, Trillian and Marvin. Together the four go to the planet “magrathea” which is actually a factory for…planets. There the earth Is suppose to be rebuild. Along the way the four are getting through some amazing and funny adventures.

In conclusion the book “THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY” is a fantastic book most recommended to get the book with the 5 books that came after it in one big volume.