Name of painting: Large interior, Los Angeles Name of painter: David Hockney this is about david hockneys painting in metropoliten museam of art.this is disccription of a painting in art terminologies

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Name of painting: Large interior, Los Angeles

Name of painter: David Hockney

Modern Art is not really on my good list. I am not a fan of it. Though when doing this project, I found a painting that to my eyes was beautiful and uplifting. It was painted by David Hockney a painter I am not familiar with. His works are beautiful but only one painting was noticed among the rest by me to be the best at the Metropolitan museum. It stood out with its bright colors and vivid play of light. It's light played with the objects on the canvas and even though there were no people or animals on the painting it felt full of life.

This painting portrays an apartment in Los Angeles. It has a lot of furniture of different geometric shapes. Also the ceiling is triangular. This form of painting amuses me because of the multiple geometric shapes placed in one location.

There are circles, squares, trapezoids, ovals, rectangles and triangles. They are placed next to each other in interesting patterns. The rectangles are with rectangles and the triangles on the ceiling are all together. There are objects that have unknown geometric shape. Also there are objects with soft edges and hard edges. Some of the couches have rounded edges that are very pleasant to look at. The trapezoids and other parallelograms are hard-edged and catch the attention of a viewer right away. The hard-edged shapes are not pleasant but, in fact they are useful. The hard-edged shapes are used to balance out the soft-edged shapes in the painting so it is evenly mixed. This causes a beautiful blend of shapes.

The lines on this painting are very diverse. There are sharp, thick, jagged, curved, choppy, smooth, vertical, straight and diagonal lines on this...