The Name Of The Rose

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Q-Describe the monastery which is the setting for the film. Relate its architecture and site to medieval conditions A-The Monastery is a large castle like building which is closed off from any outside people. They did this for a sense of security which most of the dark ages was about. They had towers to look and a place where the oh so generous church dropped leftover food for the poor people.

        Q-Consider the name, "William of Baskerville". What does this name symbolize? A-The name describes where he was from which in medieval times where you were from was very important when you come in contact with someone.

Q-Describe the attitudes to women shown in the film. Can you explain these attitudes? Use specific references to the film.

A-Women were rarely seen during this movie but when they where it was only for purposes of cleaning or for men, which in the movie the young girl without a spoken word or a name has relations with the young novice.

Q-What is the debate between the friars and the papal representative about? What forms of heresy are described in the movie? What is heresy and what types of heresy existed in the Middle Ages? A-The friars did not believe that what was going on was the work of the 3 people being accused but the Papal representatives believed it was heresy. The types of heresy in the movie was witchcraft, disobeying strict catholic order and defending heresy. Heresy is disobeying catholic order in a way that would be considered the work of the devil.

Q-When William discusses a question he uses typical medieval arguments.

What does he base his thinking on? A-William's arguments are based around traditional philosophical arguments.

William bases his thinking strictly on logic.

Q-This film explores the conflict between reason and emotion in the 14th century. Medieval thought and art constantly used SYMBOLISM. This film also uses symbolism; to...