For a Named Rural Area in an MEDC, Describe and Evaluate the Attempted Solutions Introduced to Reduce Rural Poverty and Deprivation

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Cornwall is located in Southwest England. It is a thin peninsular and area of scenic beauty. Its main industries have been Clay extracting, Farming and Fishing, but recently the area has fallen into deprivation - even though it attracts a seasonal crowd of tourists. Different programs and solutions have been drawn up to combat this deprivation and bring Cornwall back to a stable area.

EU Leader Programme is designed to target small-scale businesses. It aims to connect tourism and farming - specifically re-training farmers and people in the agricultural industry to help work their way from poverty. Cornwall has 4 leader areas, and they are all provided with grants and maintenance for the project. The problem with this program is that it is a temporary solution. Training people to deal with today's situation is not necessarily going to help them in the future if circumstances change.

EU Objective Funding, this is similar to the Leader Programme but specifically targets increasing economic development.

It's directed at small/medium businesses, tourism, training, regeneration and long term employment/training. The EU Matches all funding the British government grants to a project, so in theory halves the amount Britain pays, or adds more to the project. This is a long-term project, and works to increase the development of Cornwall for the future.

Cornwall is a thin peninsular, and due to this it is hard to transport from one end to the other. Towns have become isolated. The periphery of towns also reduced. Telemedicine and the Integrated Transport system have been set up to help people get to services and aid quickly. It allows people to go to a local surgery and for the GP to communicate via media direct to major hospitals and expert advice. This allows a better diagnostic of a person and can prevent...