The Nancy Solomon Gallery, features , "Recent Work" by Claude Simard

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The Nancy Solomon Gallery, features , "Recent Work by Claude Simard."


        I attended an Art Reception on Friday the 23 of February. The opening was for the artist

Claude Simard. The reception took place at the Nancy Solomon Gallery from six to eight . The

gallery is located off of Monroe Drive in Atlanta. The exhibition is titled, "Recent Work by

Claude Simard.

                The gallery was lit vibrantly with voices and laughter traveling through the night

air. People socialized at the doorway , on the sidewalk, and inside the gallery. The gallery is

spacious with massive ceilings and continuous white walls. Wine, crackers, and other odd

hors d'oeuvre's were the usual staple for the masses. Music vibrated throughout the room as did

obnoxious laughter.

                The people at the opening varied in appearance and age. The "elite" kept to

themselves throwing condescending glances at anyone below their social status.

While the other art

gatherers seemed friendly and less threatening. The crowd consisted of people who were there to

socialize and others who were there to see the art.

                Claude Simard's work is delightful, ranging in style, subject matter, and medium.

Upon first entering the gallery I encountered a massive cow head , which hung from the ceiling.

The head is carved from wood and painted with bright colors. The eyes are huge and sensitive,

beckoning any curious passerby. The walls were decorated with painting's of America's favorite

cereal facades. The complimentary color schemes gave these paintings an electric feel. They

convey the message of an America, rich in idealism.


                Other art included huge photographs that were hung on the spacious walls. One

photograph is of a metal lunch box, which is beginning to rust. The values of the photograph

range from the lightest...