Naomi Project Analyze a selected organization’s environmental factors (legal, social and economic). Discuss the operational, managerial and financial issues. Provide a discussion on the impact of potential change factors.

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Naomi Project

BUSN300: Lower Division Capstone

American InterContinental University

Dolce & Gabbana is a legendary company doing business with expensive perfumes and fashions. Companies like this can keep this status by knowing how to adjust to the economic and social environment. These companies are hasty in resolving any issues that steam from a number of things such as operational, financial, or managerial areas. This paper will be focusing on examining and determining the different areas in Dolce & Gabbana Company (D&G). One of the first areas of examination will be the legal side, which will include: the company's return and privacy policy (D&G Online Store, 2010).

D&G's return policy allows the customer to know the terms and conditions in which they can obtain a full refund. The items being returned must be unopened and the items tag must be intact. The product must be returned to the store within 20 days of the purchase. Under their return policy refunds are given within 3 business days of the receipt. A credit will applied to the customer's account within two billing cycles. The products that are allocated as non-returnable will not be refunded (D&G Online Store, 2010).

When shopping online, the company's privacy policy can give customers the sense of safety. The privacy policy makes customers aware of know what personal information is being used by the company. Processing data on a website is done one of two ways, either manually or electronically with a tool. The tool typically serves a purpose for market research, operations management, and/or data security. Some website may wish to collect additional information that cannot be collected through regular activity on the website. If they wish to obtain this information, permission must be granted from the customer. A customer has the ability to get a copy of...