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        Many other military-centered leaders in history have been considered heroes, so what makes Napoleon Bonaparte any different? Napoleon's great leadership was shown in many ways. Napoleon was a hero in the French Revolution because he shared brotherhood with his own people as well as those of other nations; he took over the areas necessary for his country and got rid of tyrants, and gave equal rights to all people. Napoleon followed the main ideas of the revolution by showing fraternity, having military success, and treating all people as equals.

        One reason Napoleon was a hero is because of the brotherhood he showed towards people. One action Napoleon took that shows that he cares for the well being of others is shown in Document B. "Napoleon asked: 'Where are the Jews?' He removed them from the ghetto and made them full-fledged citizens." He didn't like the way the Germans were treating the Jews, so once he took over, he changed the way they lived for the better.

Another way Napoleon's brotherhood is shown is in Document K, when although defeated, he stands by his army, and his army stands by him. In Document E when he is speaking to the Archduke of Austria, he shows although he is a strong military leader, he doesn't want to unnecessarily take lives. Overall, underneath it all, Napoleon seems to be a caring person.

        In contrast to fraternity, Napoleon showed his military power, which was an essential element of the French Revolution. Napoleon was sent to a French military school at the age of ten. Although he didn't have any friends at the school, he studied hard and was an excellent student. At fifteen, he was moved up to the Royal Military Academy. By the age of twenty-seven, he had already become the most famous...