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During rough times in France in the late 1700’s, an anarchy was being formed. A revolution turned into civil war and the people were unhappy and needed a leader. At this time, General Napoleon Bonaparte took an opportunity. Napoleon’s fame for winning battles in the Middle East and Egypt and crushing royalist uprisings back at home allowed him to take over the Directory with ease. Recognized for his great military skills and outstanding leadership, Napoleon easily won over the hearts of the people.         Napoleon’s first move was to obtain leadership. With the help of Pope Pius VII Napoleon was named First Consul of France. Though France was now declared an empire, it was technically a Republic because of the set Constitution. Through this Constitution, Napoleon set up a system of government that helped settle the disputes of France.

Napoleon’s career was arranged into a series of both accomplishments and defeats.

He demonstrated his accomplishments during battle as well as in government. By setting up the Napoleonic code, Napoleon unified the old Feudal Law and Royal Laws. Many of the laws set up, were based on his knowledge of the Enlightenment. He simplified the laws of old as well as new, and allowed freedom of speech and press. His main idea with these laws was to give all men equal rights. Women were also included into several laws. Another accomplishment was shown through religion. Though he supported Catholicism and declared the majority of the French people were Catholics, he affirmed religious tolerance for all.

Though many accomplishments were shown in government as well as religion, Napoleon’s main interests were focused on building an empire. After defeating Italy and Austria, and persuading Russia to withdraw from the war, Napoleon named himself Emperor.

Though Napoleon was very successful on land and in battles,