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Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon Bonaparte was possibly Frances greatest military mind ever. He was promoted through the ranks by hard work, dedication and his ability to think quickly. He eventually worked his way up to become the Emperor of France.

Napoleon was born on August 15, in the year of 1769. He was born at Ajaccio, Corsica. This was a small island off the coast of North Africa. Napoleon's parents Letizia and Carlo Bonaparte reserved Napoleon a spot at a French military school, and when Napoleon became old enough his parents sent him away to the school which was in Brienne France. Napoleon was not well excepted by the other students at the school. They felt he was a foreigner and Napoleon became a loner devoting all of his time to his studies. After Napoleon's graduation he continued his military schooling by going on to attend the Cole Military Academy in Paris. Napoleon spent one year there before he was assigned to an infantry unit as a second lieutenant.

His unit did not see much action in its fist few years, but Napoleon still managed to show his leadership qualities.

In 1789 the French Revolution began. Napoleon look forward to the revolution, and supported it. In 1793 at the siege of Toulon, loyalist leaders and British troops clashed in fearsome battle. Napoleon fought heroically and the British were driven out. As Napoleon's reward he was given a promotion to general and his own infantry unit.

Ufortunitly Napoleon ran into some bad luck, the leader of the French Revolution Maximilien Robespierre became power hungry and lost control. His own men mutinized against him and executed him. Bonapart was also captured and briefly imprisoned because he was a member of Robspierre's faction. Napoleon was freed just two months later.

In 1795 a revolt began in Paris over a new constitution that was presented by the National Convention,