"Napoleon Bonaparte Investigating and Researching Task" - Investigate and research the life of Napolean and discuss the major events in his life and mistakes.

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Napoleon Bonaparte

Investigating and Researching Task

Napoleon Bonaparte


Napoleon Bonaparte was born in August the 15th 1769 on the island of Corsica. He was the second of eight children of Carlo (Charles). Since Corsica had recently become a part France after the king bought it off the Italians, his parents were then Italian and he French.

At the age of nine, Napoleon was sent to a school in France. He spent seven years in military schools learning many military tactics and strategies. It was said that he was mocked because of his size and that he could never become anyone of decent military rank. Some say that this is what made him do his utmost, just to prove them wrong. He then left at the age of sixteen as a lieutenant of the French army. Four years late the revolution began. As the army grew in size during the revolutionary war, Napoleon gained rapid promotion, so by the age of 24 he had reached the rank of general.

Napoleons brilliant career was then nearly wrecked in 1794 when Robespierre was overthrown. Since he was a close friend of his brother, Augustus, he was taken away with all other close friends of the king. Napoleon Bonaparte had been expelled from the army, was disgraced, despondent and suicidal. Until finally the authorities let him go since they did not have enough evidence to use against him.

What Did Napoleon Do For France?

Napoleon was a great Leader. He balanced the budget, and established the Bank of France. He controlled prices, started public works to put people to work, and encouraged new industries to decrease unemployment rates. Order, security, and efficiency replaced liberty, equality, and fraternity as the slogans of the new regime.

He made it so there were no privileges based...