Napoleon compared to Joseph Stalin

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Stalin was one of the most powerful and murderous dictators in human history. He was the supreme ruler of the Soviet Union for 25 years. His regime of terror caused the death and suffering of tens of millions of people. The character of Napoleon best relates to Stalin. Napoleon was the most powerful pig on the farm. Napoleon also had a regime of terror, the dogs, Jesse's puppies who were cruelly taken from her when they were still young and needed their mother. Under Stalin's rule, the Soviet Union was transformed from a mostly peasant society to a major world industrial power. Stalin's government financed industrialisation by limiting the consumption of materials by the Soviet citizens. During his rule, education of the people greatly increased, most learned to read and write. Stalin ordered the exile of Leon Trotsky in fear of defeat. Under Napoleon's rule the farm became self sufficient and industrial.

Napoleon set up rations of food for the animals, giving more food to the pigs because they were the smartest animals. Like under Stalin's rule, the animals became more educated and learned to read and write. Also in fear of defeat, Napoleon planned the exile of Snowball (Trotsky). In the late 1920's Stalin's advisors told him that in order to modernize farming, they would need an extra 250,000 tractors. His advisors said that there was also a need to develop the oil fields to provide the necessary petroleum to drive the machines. In order to do this, power stations also had to be built to supply the farms with electricity. Napoleon wanted to modernize farming just like Stalin, he wanted farming to be the most productive industry on the farm. In order for it to prosper, they needed to build a windmill so the grains could be separated...