Napoleon vs Islam Karimov

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Ms. Prasow

Throughout history dictators have arisen all over the world, taking control of populations ruthlessly. Napoleon from Animal farm written by George Orwell (representing Joseph Stalin from the USSR who ruled in the 1920's) and Islam Karimov from Uzbekistan (who is a modern day ruler) are two very significant dictators in record. Dictators are those who take charge of their entire countries and impose no democracy, no liberal individual rights and the parliamentary rule is absent. Both Napoleon and Karimov tried to establish dictatorship governments but had different methods in obtaining that goal. These two dictators should be compared based on how poorly they treated their people; in terms of economy, torture and promises. Based on the difficult financial situations, the brutal torment inflicted and the manipulative political schemes it will be proven that due to the suffering his people undergo, Napoleon (Joseph Stalin) is the crueller and more merciless of the two.

As poor economic situations of countries being run by dictators are common, both Napoleon and Karimov struggle to maintain a strong economy under their rule. In "Animal Farm", Napoleon's plan of completing Snowball's windmill is parallel to Stalin taking Trotsky's "5 year plan," claiming it as his own. However, Islam Karimov is an economic by profession; he held several posts such as finance minister, and did not need to steal the economic ideas of others. Both regions already have the means to a sturdy economy- with animal farm's successful agriculture, and Uzbekistan being one of the world's biggest producers of cotton and other natural resources. However, both Animal Farm and Uzbekistan experience extreme lack in finance. To solve this, Napoleon's windmill helped modernize the previously backward economy; new products were developed and the scale and efficiency of existing production...