Napster Ethics.

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The music that I listen to wouldn't be found on the Napster system and even if it were, I would not use Napster to download the music for my own personal gain. I have heard of Napster, mostly through what I have heard about it, was on the news or in a couple of articles that I've seen in the newspaper. Since I never used the system, I thought it would be a good idea to see what some of my friends where doing, so I asked a few of them and with not too much of a surprise, none of my friends used the system but did mention that they to have heard of Napster. The changing way of how people are raised and the high speed changing of technology on the Internet, it was only a matter of time before someone would try to combine both their moral point of view and the use of technology to gain from someone else's hard work.

I understand that you can get almost anything these days off of the Internet, with little or no cost to the consumer. I guess it would be up to the company that is advertising if they want to give away items or put a price on them. When it comes to morals, it kind of shows how one was raised and ranks up there with the old saying, that everybody has their own option. The question that is being asked, "Is downloading songs off of Napster morally acceptable" and to view this from utilitarian and deontological moral aspect. At first I though it was going to be easy to answer, but once I started looking at it from Napsters view point, basically who was trying to share a good thing which was music that...