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Despair, loss, and loneliness overcame me as I approached my father's dead corpse. My mother screaming, my siblings partaking in the loud howls. Silence is all that came out of me. No word, no scream could come out. Nothing I felt nothing. Not knowing what to do I ran as fast as I could out the door. As I look over my shoulder these groups of men get inside a carriage. Oddly enough they all had on brown cloches. One face stood out of the whole group he looks as if he is in his mid-thirties, with a very large nose. He notices me staring and gives me the most evil smirk I have ever encountered and gets in the carriage along with the others. Why were those men leaving shortly after my father's death? Where were they going? Did they kill my father? Days go by and I still feel numb.

The loss of my father has caused grave pain to this family. "Montresor come eat!" my mother yells. My plate is put in front of me and all I can do is just stare at it. The loss of my appetite leads to me just playing with my pourage. The strange man's face came to mind once again, his smirk overcame my fears that night. We were so poor that we couldn't have a proper burial for my father. We had to resort to leaving my father's body out in the street. Due to the black plague that was the normal thing to do if you couldn't afford a funeral. As the next morning approached my mother went to the market to look for work. My thoughts took over and I just had to know who those strange men were. My neighbor Mary who was much older than...