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The Birthday Party

On the March fourth, 2002; I was invited to a birthday party of a very close friend of mine. The beginning of the party was slow and not too much was going on at that time but there was a lot of food, which kept me entertained; there was, pizza, 6 foot tuna sub sandwiches, cake, ice cream and a bunch of other food and I ate a lot. There was really not that much meat served at the party because it was still during Lint- a religious holiday were, except for fish, Catholics stop eating meat for 40 days and 40 nights. Mandy, the beautiful birthday girl made us feel very welcome and tried to keep us entertained; she also said repeatedly, "The party will get better after dark when some people leave." The party started getting interesting, to me, when the piñata came out and the little kids were not allowed to swing.

After the piñata some of the older people started leaving and two other annoying teenagers, around our age, who kept on ruining the fun also left; so after they all left the real party started. Inside of a shed in the back yard there were flashing lights that made everything seemed slow motion and we cranked the music up loud enough to hold a concert and since the house was out in the country no one complained about anything and the police never came for D.T.P, Disturbing the Peace. Everyone danced until knees started collapsing on the floor, drunken people passed out on anything available and until the D.J was to drunk to play; the party wasn't over until about 5:00 in the morning; menudo was served the next morning.