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Narcotic addiction begins innocently onto certain individuals. Human beings have always been curious, and exploring the means of physically feeling different from their usual states. That curiosity can lead to an addiction of narcotics because those drugs are not intended for the use on healthy people. To understand how addiction begins and develops, it's necessary to understand the nature of narcotics, the behavior of the afflicted person and the impact of the society in which that person lives. Society influences the attitudes towards narcotics, which in turn will affect its ease of use. The impact of narcotics on the society could support or discourage the use and abuse of the substance. What harm does it do to smoke a little weed, or bump a bit of heroin? What is it like to be intoxicated and how long does it lasts? Will it make me sick, and what are the risks? These are a few of the questions, which will be answered, in the proceeding paragraphs.

It is important to recognize that the narcotic itself is not evil, but the manner in which people abuse the narcotic causes the narcotic to have devastating effects on the body of the addict. Narcotics often contain analgesics that reduce or eliminate severe pain, which could help patients who are suffering from cancer. The following description of narcotics gives a basic history of the drug and its uses. Narcotics are defined as, "any substance that either sedates, has a depressive effect, or causes dependence." It's a type of drug that depresses the nervous system and produces effects similar to those of morphine. It is also important to note that both marijuana and cocaine have been legally and popularly classified as narcotics when they technically are not. Opiates are a class of drugs in which morphine...