Narcotics Anonymous

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Olivia Ferrell

Informative Outline

April 7th, 2014

Specific Purpose: I will inform my audience about Narcotics Anonymous.

Central Idea: Narcotics Anonymous is a worldwide self-help organization that has been around for many years and continues to impact our society.


Attention Getter: Imagine 60,000 people in one city, all dealing with the same problem, addiction. According to an article written by Carter M. Yang for ABC news on March 14th of this year, there are 60, 000 people in Baltimore alone that are addicted to illicit drugs. These numbers are disheartening and unfortunate. I can relate to every one of these people struggling with substance abuse, because I am an addict. A program called Narcotics Anonymous has helped me stay clean for the last two years. Narcotics Anonymous is a worldwide self-help fellowship that has been around for many years and has an impact on our society.

Preview: First, I will discuss general information about Narcotics Anonymous, then the development of Narcotics Anonymous, followed by how this organization impacts our society.

I. Narcotics Anonymous is a worldwide fellowship most people are unaware exists.

A. Narcotics Anonymous is a 12 step non-profit program that helps people struggling with substance abuse change their lives.

1. Meetings are the foundation of the fellowship.

a. Meetings are held when addicts come together to share their experiences and troubles.

b. Meetings take place in a safe environment, such as hospitals, churches, and institutions.

c. According to an article from the National Center for Biotechnology Information written by William White, and Dr. John Kelly who did thorough research at a conference held on September 25, 2009, titled How AA and NA Work: Cross-disciplinary perspectives, three or more AA/NA meetings per week are optimal and associated with complete abstinence.

c. Also stated by...