Narrate an incident in your life that taught you a very important lesson.

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My friend David owned a motorcycle. It is not a big one, but it could reach a really dangerous speed. Just to remind those who like speeding, it is hazardous for you and other road users if you are speeding on the road. I learn this in a really painful lesson one night when I rode on the pillion on David's motorcycle.

We were on our way home one night after a movie in a cinema few kilometers away from my house, but the traffic on the road during our way back was badly congested. It was a benefit for us to ride on a motorcycle because we could pick our way through the cars and other motorcycles, but once we were on the main road, we cruised along freely.

Maybe because the journey was too smooth while we were on the high way, I felt boring but David just don't seem to feel in that way, so I decided to tease on him to make him speed up.

He didn't reply me in any words, but I could feel that the motorcycle starting to pick up speed. The cool breeze rushed through my face, the lamppost, the scenery and all the background passing by faster and faster makes me feel more and more excited! Just feeling curious, I placed my head over David's shoulder and had a peep on the speedometer, and to my excite, the needle was shaking around 100km/h mark! This was the fastest experience that I ever had on a moving vehicle! I really felt excited riding on the pillion of David's motorcycle!Suddenly, David stepped on the brakes and made a really hard left turn to get out from the highway and continue on our journey back. But during the turn, I heard a loud bang...