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After hours of tailgating in the parking lot we finally decided to head into the concert. Many people still sat around at their cars with coolers and beer cans. At this point we had all drank about five or six beers and we were ready to enjoy the show. Me and my friend Molly were extremely excited to go see the show so we decided to go in ahead of the rest of our friends. As we hurried across the parking lot I tripped as I stepped off the curb. It wasn’t a hard fall but the pain I felt after that moment was worse than anything I had ever felt before. As I attempted to get back on my feet I knew something was unquestionably wrong. I was looking around as I stood back up and noticed the few people who had seen the fall, some laughed, others simply stood by and watched.

My friend Molly who was with me at the time continued to insist that we hurry up and get inside. She grabbed my hand and dragged me along the filthy streets of Camden, New Jersey towards the Entertainment Center.

        We were seated in the lawn section which by the time we arrived inside was packed with standing fans. As my knee still throbbed with pain, we continued to push our way through the crowd to find our friends. We stopped and one point and watched the show. We danced and sung along to the songs, and for an instance I forgot about the fall I had taken and the pain in my knee. That moment did not last very long and I soon came to my senses to realize the condition I was in. The effects of the alcohol were not relieving the excruciating pain I...