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Why do you think American women have fought for the right to serve in combat?

In my opinion, I believe women fought to serve the country because they have been restricted from many things in the past and history shows that women have not been treated fairly so they are fighting now to be able to get positions.

Do you think fitness or other standards should be different for male and female soldiers? Why or why not?

I do not think that women should have mercy

Take a look at the timeline. Did you know that women dressed as men to fight in the Civil War? What do you think their experiences might have been like?

Yes, I did have knowledge that women used to dress like men to fight in the Civil War and other battles. Women are very clever creatures.

Why do some people oppose allowing woman to serve in combat? Do you agree with the arguments they've made? Explain.

I think some people would be against women serving in combat because they (the "macho men") expect women to stay behind and do house hold work which is not fair.

Are there any military roles that you think are better suited either