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Loving My Neighbor

In Haiti I discovered the love of God. Six years ago, my husband and I decided to become Catholic Itinerant Missioners for the Neocatechumenal Way in Haiti. I did not know a lot about Jesus or how to teach others to live their lives according to the gospel. All I knew was that I could testify in favor of the love of God, because I had experienced it. Towards the end of the summer of 2007, I realized that I wanted to spread this wonderful news to the Haitian communities. There were so many ways I could have chosen to preach about the gospel, yet for me becoming an itinerant missioner was the right path. I decided to preach about the love of God to my Haitian neighbors by choosing to live in humbleness, simplicity and praise.

     True humility lays in being able to recognize my strengths and weaknesses.
I used to believe that I was very humble person, since I voluntarily took the last places sometimes, and apparently I had no interest in being in the spotlight.  However, while working in the mission, I discovered that inside I believe I was better than others, because I never liked giving in, I had a hard time accepting criticism from a friend, or a correction of a superior. I appear to be simple, but this humility was a mock humility. Then during my mission, I started serving in the Haitian communities, but without expecting a reward or praise.  As a result, I discovered that to be humble is to live without seeking the esteem of others, fame, and power.  It is living without caring what others think about me, but instead worrying only about what God  thinks.

Happiness is not defined by the amount...