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Annotated Bibliography

October 1st,2014

Purcell, N. (2003). Death metal music: the passion and politics of a subculture. McFarland.

In this book Mrs. Purcell summarizes the metal psyche and deeply analyzes the metal

community in a professional manner. In her book she goes through her research and examines

the stereotypical outlook while trying to break down and fully explain the metal community.

Basically she records the results of multiple surveys she conducted to explain that on average

metal heads are not ones who just feel "hopelessness", that over all everyone is quite happy. In

another survey she then goes on to conclude that as a group we have a stronger sense of

morality, family, and are not nearly as ignorant to the worlds political and governmental issues.

All of the information she received from her surveys about the overall attitudes of this

subculture, which were from various and hundreds of metal heads , challenged the ideology that

metal listeners are "antisocial, pessimistic, malcontents".

There are really no trends of negativity

or satanic behavior that she found.

Honarbakhsh, L. (n.d.). Metal Culture. Retrieved October 3, 2014

In this journal article it is basically a university student trying to fully explain the way the

metal community relates and works together to form what everyone assumes is this giant cult.

But in her observations and experiences she proves that its not a cult but a family instead. She

goes through the language, the attire, the overall behavior, and the dress code of metal fans. She

does all of this in a way that is professional yet she uses her personal experiences to help

develop the general idea. She goes on to explain that metal head are stereotyped as evil or cult

people but in all reality we are just...