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It was a warm summer day, and the sky was blue. This day was going to be a very special for me, because dad was going to bring me home a surprise. Then, there was an accident, and I found out I had a sprained wrist. Not long afterward, dad tried to take my surprise back off me.

        It was a usual summer day out, the grass was green the air was pleasantly warm. Dad was at work and would be home at 2:30 p.m. But on this day he said he would be home late. So he could pick up a surprise for me. So I stayed home all day. I fell asleep about 2:00 a clock. But in the meanwhile, dad came home but did not wake me. He got me up for dinner at about five a clock. After we ate I asked him where my surprise was.

He said "˜it is outside boy'. So I put my shoes on and ran out the door. On the back of this truck was a Honda dirt bike. My eyes filled with joy as a looked at it. Dad got it off the truck and gave me the proper riding gear. Then I ran back into the house and called my buddy Wes. I told him I would be up so we could go riding. He then too was excited. We rode the rest of the day, and I was tired when I got home.

        Everyday we would explore new places to ride. I would ride me bike everyday after I was done working for the day. Then or this one hot summer day I wrecked my bike. My bike was heavily damaged and would not run. When I got home dad was not happy at all. He wanted...