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        I used to think that maybe if the sun would set in the east it would make my father mad and I would feel okay. My father is one of those people who think that everything will be perfect just as long as everything is on the right schedule. I have never believed in schedules or perfection because I'm not perfect and the only I schedule use is the one at school. I'm just an average teenage girl who's trying to find her place in the world. I just started my senior year and it's not all what I thought it would be. Not only is it my first year with my dad but it's my first year in a totally new school, an American one at that.

        A year before I lived with my mother in England. I had lived in England as long as I can remember. We didn't always live there but after a nasty divorce, my mom thought that it would be good to make a new start in another country.

So we moved to a small city in England but close to France as well. I was very little when we moved there so I didn't have to worry about leaving friends behind. I started school when I was about six and learned the language very well and very quickly. Although England speaks English like Americans' there are more accents and pronunciation when spoken. I made a lot of friends and all of my teachers liked me. I was a very happy child until the day my mother died.

        At the age of 35, my mother was a professional artist and a very beautiful woman. She owned her own art shop teaching others the beauty of art but also selling her personal artwork. Many of...