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I decided to take on the enormous challenge of breeding fascinating freshwater angelfish. I started by finding distributors to purchase a male and a female with the colors I would like the young fish to have. When I found the parents I liked, I set them up in a small, but tall tank, because angelfish like tall aquariums. I placed in it a heater, a sponge filter, and also a piece of slate, for the parents to lay their eggs, in the tank. After everything was nicely set up, all I had to do was to feed them and wait for their first spawn. I thought that it would be a pleasantly enjoyable task, but as you will see, it wasn't.

The first spawn, which were extremely close together covering nearly all of the slate, looked to produce an especially large amount of fry, which is the term for baby fish.

I observed the eggs starting to turn opaque and murky. After quickly exploring the internet, I came to the obvious conclusion that the eggs turned white because they were infertile and the spawn was bad. I left the eggs in the tank just to be sure none would hatch. At this point, I was wondering if I had made a mistake on the gender of the parents, or that the male would be unable to fertilize the eggs.

I adequately prepared for the ensuing spawn by checking out educational books from the public library, researching on the internet, and consulting with others who had bred these beautiful, water loving creatures before. I discovered that replacing the disgusting Las Vegas tap water with reverse osmosis water, increasing the temperature from 78 degrees to 82 degrees, and slowing the filtration down would boost the chances for success. After achieving those tasks,