Narrative essay, fictional, "The first time I got Pulled Over".

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The First Time I Got Pulled Over


        Everyone gets pulled over by a cop eventually, but if you're one of the lucky ones that don't, well good for you. Authority figures are always intimidating, especially police officers and sheriffs. If you want to ruin your day deliberately, the best way to do it is get pulled over.

        My traumatic incident all began about two summers ago. My day started out as any normal day, a typical Saturday morning with typical chores to be done. I woke up feeling like a million bucks. The day was bright, the birds were singing, and the sky was at its bluest, it was the perfect beginning to what I thought was going to be a perfect day. I should've known that, it was too good to be true. As I finished the chores, my dad gave me, which always seemed endless; I got a phone call from my friends up in Glendale.

They were bored and suggested it would be a good day to go cruising. I thought about it and decided since the weather was so nice I would go. I was the only legit one, so I volunteered to be driver, since none of them had licenses, and a couple of them had warrants or were on probation.

        I finished my chores and convinced my dad to let me out. I got into my Jetta and drove from Highland Park to Glendale. During my commute, I knew or at least thought nothing could stop me. I was on a roll, I was about to go chill with my friends and go looking for girls. It was a win-win situation. As I approached a stop sign on Palmer St. it hit me. There he was, a Los Angeles County Sheriff. I knew...