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Counselling Therapy Model - Narrative Thrarapy

What is Narrative Therapy?

It is a counselling model developed by an Australian family therapist Michael White and a New Zealand family therapist David Epston in late 1980's. It is form of therapy based on story telling of somebody's e

Now a little bit of history on White and Epston.

David studied at the universities of Auckland, Canada and Edinburg and Warwick. He is the co-director of The Family Therapy in Auckland, New Zealand. One his contributions towards the community are known as the 'Leagues. Leagues are groups of clients who are addressing the same problem and may be in contact with each other thru writing. Michael White developed the narrative therapy same as David. Working at the Dulwich center in Adelaide, He started out as an electrical and mechanical draftsman but later in life become a social worker to help others.

Both White and Epston united their thoughts of what has come to be known as 'narrative therapy and community work'. His best known publications are White and Epston (1990), Narrative Means to Therapeutic Ends; -

Narrative therapy can be best described as the problem is not the PERSON, the problem is the PROBLEM irrespective of his circumstances in life, who he is or she is, why and how he is or she is that person. involves ways of understanding the stories of people's lives, and ways of re-writing these stories in collaboration between the therapist / community worker and the people's whose lives are being discussed. Out of the stories, the experiences a person has lived, Narrative therapy therefore provides a mean to zoom in and out emphasing on the choices, intentions, meaning, life's stories, relationship in order reshape, understanding them and retelling...