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Michelle Bernhardt


English 11

21 October 2013

Lessoned learned

The legend has it there this boy named nick. He lives this little shack in the small little town called Kroger's. He loves collecting historical things. Justin is the governor to the town Kroger's. Hannah what the towns head PTA member. There was this big debate about getting a flag. So the governor and Hannah sat down and had a big meting and they made the decision to get a flag. So they got a flag. The flag was red and blue with the name Kroger Justin put the flag up next to the yellow house. (That is the house he live in) The town was so happy. Hannah was being the stuck up person she made a bunch of T-shirts and sold them to make mini flags. I know it lame but hey she is the head member of the PTA. After the flag was up for 3 or so days, then a nasty storm blow in and the next day when everyone in the two wakes up the flag was ruined. The flag was torn up and in the pile of torn flag there was a ring. Mr. Governor did not really care about the ring all he cares about the ring. All that Justin saw in the ring was money sighs. So he sold the ring to this kid named Nicholets but Nick for short. Nick it the type of guy that likes historical things and thing that look aged. The ring was just right he had to have it he walks over to the store that he sees earlier that day. The ring was three hundred dollars. May I say wow!!!! He saved up his money for...