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English Assignment

Few years ago, a world of caution 'Language is nothing but a tool to convey certain kind of information, content conquers all' seemed wired for me. While, coming to U of A really makes me remind of it now.

I had filled out early move-in form and submitted it, so that I was able to live in Yavapai on Aug15th. I packed my luggage to arrive at the front desk of the dorm and felt nervous about the surroundings. The RA greeted to me 'Hi, do I need to show you around the dorm?' 'Yep' I replied. As long as we walked around the entire dorm, by freeing the body of tension and the ravages of stress, and progressively releasing mental and emotional turbulence, 'If I want to have a breakfast, are there any recommendations?' I asked. 'Oh, yes, just walk out there and turn right, it probably takes 5 minutes, maybe I will show you later.'

My RA said. Although my English is not as good as native speakers, my RA could still understood what I was talking about.

After we showed around the dorm and came to my room, I was shock by it because it is pretty better than that I used to imagine. After following the dormitory instructions, I said, 'Is there any Chinese students that used to live here?' He replied me with a big smell, 'Yes, once I had two Chinese students that lived here.' 'That sounds good' I said. Everything seems to be clear. Both of us really have a nice talk with each other.

At night, I was about to invite my friends to my dorm. I walked downstairs and waited at the first floor. All of the sudden, the guy with a white shirt came to me and said...