NASA's Money Use: Unjustified?

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NASA's Money Use: Unjustified?

By many, it has been though that NASA's spending of money is wasteful. Billions are spent on space missions, and many more billions are planned to be spent in the future. This "human curiosity" should be contained until all the problems on Earth are resolved.

Right now, there are millions of people starving to death. Millions are being oppressed. Millions are forced to live in the streets because they do not have enough money, or support from the government. Everyone would be completely for space research if these problems were solved, but it seems that they aren't. The cause for the delay in the solution of these problems is the lack of money. Money, that went to almost useless space missions, anti-gravity space pens and orbital space stations.

Where is all this research taking us? Problems on Earth cannot be escaped by "immigrating" to another planet; the nearest one is 4.3

light years away, or 25,277,550,000,000 miles. At the speed of light, it would take more than 4 years to reach another star. Travelling at the speed of light is, if not impossible, not a feasible way of transport. The fastest speed attained by a space shuttle is less than 30,000 MPH. At these speeds, it would take at least 600 years to reach another star system. Even if we assume that new technologies will be created that will allow space travel 10 times faster than the aforementioned speed, it will still take too long.

That proves that moving to another planet is impossible. What could be other reasons for this research? Moving to another planet in our own solar system? That idea is probably a joke; there is no chance that some planet can support life. Even with elaborate stations and state-of-the-art equipment, life is...