Is NASCAR a sport?

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INDEXIntroductionAuto racing and motor sports historyRacing leagues and NASCAR developmentWho races and whyKeeping up with the changesSummaryAttachment A – History of NASCARAttachment B – Social Science at 190 MPHINTRODUCTIONIs NASCAR a sport? This question has been raised since the first stock car race on the beach in Daytona, FL back in the 1940s. The question has been raised about other auto racing events throughout history. Today, the question is posed on innumerable websites and gets two distinct answers. Recent postings regarding this question from yahoo include the following responses:NOSure. It's a Non Athletic Sport Centered Around RednecksIt's like saying Cheerleading, bowling and golf is a sport--what a lie! Bowling and golf only consists of skills, and that's it.'s just a sport for drunken rednecks.

NASCAR only became what it is because of moonshine runners running from the police!NASCAR is the great American waste-time. Brain dead trailer trash watching cars drive in a circle while inhaling exhaust fumes.

Little wonder they support Bush.

It is a sport just as much as professional wrestling is. So, it is NOT a sport.

They aren't doing anything sport-like.

Seriously, all NASCAR is, is a bunch of redneck hillbillies driving around in a freaking circle.

Real racing is done on the open wheel, sports car circuits and European rally circuits. NASCAR is an embarrassment to the American culture.

If there are no athletes, how can it be a sport?Personally I have a hard time considering auto racing, golf or yacht racing as sports.

NO (posted by ‘The Rock’s #1 Fan)YESYes, and I can prove it to you. Go to Yahoo Sports and click on NASCAR at the top.

Yes, just like bowling is. NASCAR requires: strength, flexibility, timing, endurance, intelligence, quick-thinking. Need I go on???It is a sport. Just because there is not a...