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Colonel Nathaniel Bacon lived before America as we know it was founded. He lived in the Virginia colony of Great Britain, but he was not British, he was an American. Bacon lived during a time when Virginia was in a frustrating state. They were taxed heavily, constantly harassed, and most of all, the failure of their most prized crop. This angered many colonists into a state of rage that had to be taken out on something. They found the misunderstood Indians would be the best targets. Many rebellions are originally mean good by the masses, but usually have a mastermind behind it all who has less than honorable intentions

Colonel Bacon was a member of the esteemed council, and wealthy businessman. He was seen by the violent masses as their leader and general, a position he readily assumed. Bacon immediately started to talk against the Indians and started to push for a official position as the leader of all forces against the Indians.

The first time he asked he was not refused, but rather ignored. He persisted, but this time was blatantly refused and threatened to branded a rebel if he proceeded. Determined to not be denied, yet apprehensious about traveling in large numbers he traveled with forty men to Jamestown, the capital of the Virginia colony to speak with the governor. He was refused again and this time suspended. He retreated back but before he could return he was told to return to the governor, there he was given his job back. He insisted that they attack the Indians still and the Governor still refused and tried to change his mind. Persistent to the end he marched to Jamestown with six hundred of his men. Bacon demanded he be appointed general, and the governor flat out denied and insulted...