The Nathaniel Hawthorn uses plants as a symbolic object in his novel the "Scarlet letter".

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Plant Symbolism in The Scarlet Letter

When examining the literary style of the American authors, it is easily recognizable that symbolism is a key factor in these pieces. Symbolism has been used to better enhance these novels, and convey main themes and character insights very well. Perhaps the most recognizable and prestigious symbolic literature is Nathaniel Hawthorn's The Scarlet Letter. The reader is exposed to a wide variety of tactics and and usages of symbolism that represent important themes involving the characters and other contributing details to the novel. Impressive are these symbols as they add to the story and help to enhance a specific point. When one looks at the plethora of these symbols it is certainly important to notice the numerous references to nature. Perhaps the most important of these is the way in which Hawthorne uses plants as a symbol. Plants are mentioned in many points throughout the novel, and their symbolism can certainly not be overlooked.

Hawthorns wastes no time in introducing this important symbol, of plants, to the reader. The opening scene, takes place at the most dismal of locations, a town prison. The chapter goes into great detail about the door of the prison, referring to it as "the black flower of civilized society" (56). Hawthorne creates an image of desolation, dejection, and depression, describing the weather stains that envelop the door and heavy wooden spikes also present at the scene. "marked with weather stains and other indications of age which gave yet a darker aspect to the beetle-browed and gloomy front." (55) This description, detailed and descriptive as it is, sets the stage for an important symbol, perhaps one of the most important of the novel. Hawthorn describes a rosebush, wild and free, blooming and exhibiting its self in its fullest color, to...