Nathaniel Hawthornes Life

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Nathaniel Hawthorns life         Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in Salem, Massachusetts on July 4th, 1804. He was the second of three children. Nathaniel?s family, including his father where men of the sea. Hawthorns father married the daughter of a neighboring blacksmith, from an accident at sea his father died at the age of 28, When Nathaniel was only at the young age of four. After the death of his father Nathaniel and his family moved from his fathers house to the manning residence. Here Nathaniel grew up in his ?chamber under leaves?, in ?castle dismal?, an indulgence where Nathaniel was somewhat raised as a spoiled child. The household was a heavily feminine household.

        At the age of nine Nathaniel suffered a great injury to his foot, which caused him to be somewhat of an invalid child. Many believe that this injury helped the taste for reading, which Nathaniel had.

        Nathaniel?s uncle, Robert manning sent him to Bowdoin College.

While Nathaniel was in college he wrote a few sketches and stories. He graduated in 1825. Most of his short stories where yet to come within the next ten years. A significant reason that Hawthorne had such strong feelings about women is because women raised him. He never really had a father, never the less a male role model.

        Nathaniel Hawthorne added a W to his name from Hathorne to Hawthorne. A believed reason for this is Nathaniel wanted to distance himself from his ancestors. As we know hawthorns great grandfather, john Hawthorne was involved in prosecuting the ?Salem witches? in the sixteen and the seventeen hundreds. Nathaniel was not proud of his ancestry which where puritans. He believed that all the misfortunes that happened to his family where curses from the witches.

        One of the earliest books, which, Hawthorne published, was The...