"A nation at risk" Lack of education in American schools and society.

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According to 'A Nation at Risk', the American education system has declined due to a '

rising tide of mediocrity' in our schools. States such as New York have responded to the

findings and recommendations of the report by implementing such strategies as the

'Regents Action Plan' and the 'New Compact for Learning'.

In the early 1980's, President Regan ordered a national commission to study our

education system. The findings of this commission were that, compared with other

industrialized nations, our education system is grossly inadequate in meeting the

standards of education that many other countries have developed. At one time, America

was the world leader in technology, service, and industry, but overconfidence based on

a historical belief in our superiority has caused our nation to fall behind the rapidly

growing competitive market in the world with regard to education. The report in some

respects is an unfair comparison of our education system, which does not have a

national standard for goals, curriculum, or regulations, with other countries that do, but

the findings nevertheless reflect the need for change.

Our education system at this time

is regulated by states which implement their own curriculum, set their own goals and

have their own requirements for teacher preparation. Combined with this is the fact that

we have lowered our expectations in these areas, thus we are not providing an equal or

quality education to all students across the country. The commission findings generated

recommendations to improve the content of education and raise the standards of

student achievement, particularly in testing, increase the time spent on education and

provide incentives to encourage more individuals to enter the field of education as well

as improving teacher preparation.

N.Y. State responded to these recommendations by first implementing the Regents

Action Plan; an eight year plan...