National and Individual Impacts of Superman on American Culture

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National and Individual Impacts of Superman on American Culture

Superman has been around since the 1930s, and as a result, has become an icon of American culture. As a superhero, Superman led the way and created many symbols associated with him in the American culture. Tibor Morvay from "Superman - A Cultural Icon" describes Superman as part of the American culture and reflects the good of the American society. Erin Barnes, Dave Hendrick, and Chris Yeung from "Superman in Identity Crisis" shows Superman as more than a cultural icon and how Superman impacted society much greater than people realized. Superman, with no doubt, has become a famous cultural icon for the American society which Americans can look up to.

According to "Superman - A Cultural Icon" by Tibor Morvay, people "can see not only

Superman movies and series, but nowadays movies themselves refer to Superman (Paragraph

1)." Morvay states that the creation not only is given birth by the media but Superman also

revolutionized the media in ways that allow movies to follow Superman's lead as a popularity

figure. Morvay further states that "Superman has even become a part of our language. Indeed,

Superman has become a part of our culture" (Paragraph 1). Morvay's statement highlights his

views on how much Superman has impacted the American culture and where Superman stands

today in the hearts of many Americans. Furthermore, he states people can "very easily recognize

the combination of the red and blue colours and the S shield has no other significance than...

Superman" (Paragraph 1). He uses this example to show how nearly everyone from the United

States is familiar with Superman and how people can be proud of such as the United States flag.

Morvay reveals an example that a "psychological level...