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I believe that the qualities of character, leadership and service in a person’s life are very important. A person’s personality and qualities mean a lot. I have always pushed myself to accomplish many things. I am hardworking, responsible, and committed to every endeavor I pursue.

My character is a main pillar of what I am today. I work and try very hard in school but as the same time I have fun. I take full responsibility for my actions and I always think before act or say anything. When I got a puppy, my parent told me that it was going to be a big responsibly. I knew having a dog meant having a lot of responsibly and I knew I could handle caring for my dog. Everyday I change his water, walking him twice a day, play with him, and bath him once in a while. I enroll my self in to many extracurricular activities.

I play many sports such as soccer, track and field and lacrosse. Sports are a very important part of my life. It keeps me together and in line. I plan to enroll my self into the Go Green Club and I am an active member of the Key Club. I am also in SGA or known as Student Government. I was a patrol at Union Mill Elementary. And I was a former Brownie member.

I show many qualities of leadership. As a patrol you are suppose to be a role model for kids. Be their leader and guide then from right to wrong. I was also a main player for my soccer team. If the captain were not there I would step up to the plate and guide our team to victory during games and keep everyone motivated and in line during practices. In...