National Patrimony

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The debate over the ideas of national patrimony, culture citizenship, and imagined community at Stanford University related to the production, rejection, and eventually rediscovery of the "giant letter" send from the Andes in many ways. First, Guaman Poma wrote the letter to speak of different ways to govern the people. Second, the chaotic world of the Incas had no system of writing. Third, the aristocratic regime did not give normal people a chance. Like poma, Pratt a professor at Stanford University tried to illuminate the light through a dark tunnel.

        Both Poma and Pratt stated that we must get rid of racism, and destroy the shadow of ignorance. Pratt stated that we must identify the ideas, interests, histories, and attitudes of others and work in parody. Both authors noted ways for people to engage with suppressed aspects of history (including their own histories) as a ground rule for communication to reach one another.

Histories such as their backgrounds and customs would help others to understand cultural differences.

        In her essay "The Arts of the Contact Zone," Mary Louise Pratt demonstrated many ways to develop social and intellectual differences. At the beginning, She mentioned how her son (Sam) and his best friend (Willie) discovered Baseball cards. At their young age, Baseball cards were the medium of their economic life.

        It seems the youngsters learned the use value and exchange value as they carried out their evader. They were long and short-term investments and personal values that are independent of market value. As the Author pointed out, "Baseball cards opened the door to baseball books, shelves and shelves of encyclopedias, magazines, histories, biographies, novels, books of jokes, anecdotes, cartoons, even poems (Pratt 529)." This really states that Baseball cards will attract many kids to read and manipulate problem of many sources. A...