Native American Song and Dance.

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With a remarkable display of percussion pieces set up on stage, the audience patiently awaited the start of the concert. One by one the performers stepped out from behind the curtains either playing an unusual instrument or belting out an amazing song. The exceptional display of colorful costumes, extraordinary sounds and flamboyant dance moves certainly kept my attention the whole night through.

It didn't take long to realize that many sounds that came from the instruments were made to resemble sounds of nature, such as rain, wind and voices of different birds. Certain dances they performed had a tie with nature as well. Many of the costumes were designed to represent an animal such as the eagle, peacock and other birds. With the knowledge I have of the Native American culture, it isn't surprising to me that the whole art form of their performance was closely tied with nature.

As I was being seated and had noticed the age level of the majority of the audience had gone down a few decades, compared to the North State Symphony concert we had gone to last month, and assumed that this show was going to be unlike anything we had attended before.

As each individual stepped out from behind the curtain it had reassured me, like you said, that this performance was probably going to be a favorite of the class. The performances were astonishing, the costumes were so beautiful and the instruments were unlike anything I had ever seen before. A few of the simplistic costumes that were being worn were something that I had expected to see throughout the night, but many of them were quite extravagant.

The number of instruments used and their unique sound were quite a surprise. The way some of them sounded exactly like a bird...