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Native American foods and how they prepare it is a huge part of their lifestyle. Each tribe has a variety of foods depending on where the tribe is located. The Native Americans used every last part of their food by constructing the remains into something useful.

        Native Americans had many ways of getting food. One way is by using agricultural farming. Native Americans had various crops and the three that were most common, maize, (corn) squash, and beans, were called the "three sisters" or "our supporters". They were called the "three sisters" or "our supporters" because they could be easily stored over winter. They stored the "three sisters" by placing them in large, slim baskets that were hand woven. They used long, flexible reeds to weave the baskets. ("Agriculture")         There are many different ways to cook the "three sisters". They would cook the maize (corn) by boiling it and eating it off of the cob or the Native Americans would make it something else, such as cornmeal.

Native Americans would make cornmeal by placing a strong, flat, stone on solid ground. Then, the Native Americans would cut off the corn's kernels and place them on the flat stone. Finally, they would take a round, rough, stone and smash the kernels into a powder. The Native Americans would then add a small amount of water and mix the water and cornmeal into a sticky substance. Then, they would eat it. ("Food")         For squash, they would actually make it into a pie. Native Americans would chop the squash into pieces and then crush it into mush. Then, they would take cornmeal, eggs, and a little bit of water and mix it into dough. After that, they would put the dough into a pan and spread it out. Next, they would pour in...