Native Americans

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        In the beginning of the early 1500's there were an estimate of between 900,000 and 1,150,000 Native Americans. However, by 1890, Europeans killed nearly 250,000 Native American women and men by fire arm and affect them with diseases. Therefore the ratios of Native American drop below 400,000. However by the 1950's they started to grow again. In today's society census shows that approximately 2.1 million Native American are in United States. The two largest groups of Native Americans people are Cherokee and Navajo. Native American has numerous collection of nations, societies, economics, political, and great customs.

        In the lecture is goes into great detail how they survive the political, incorporation, conflicts and imp act that occur in America. There were over two hundreds different groups of Native American at the time European invaded their territory. Their societies of the east discover how to hunt, farm, fish, and take care of their young.

The Alaskan groups and Navajo help demonstrate the willing and triumpet of Native American, while standing up for their rights. They learned to grow corn, squash, beans, and potatoes, which are some of the greatest resources of America. Also, beading and weaving were one of the precious gifts they offer to their families, to show love and honesty.         Their attitude towards land and food was a community effort, not an individual belonging. They work together, share together, and leave one another as if they were bothers and sisters.

        In the videos of The Native Americans, Native American History, and Native American Influence on the United States shows how sad the European American took Native American culture away from them, by teaching their culture. The video give great understanding about how Europeans portray them as being lazy and uncivilized people. Culture into a Society has portrayed the Native American...