Native Americans and the Revolution

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October 12th 2014

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Prompt: Why did the Native Americans suffer as a consequence of the American victory in 1781?

During the American War for Independence, many Native Americans sided with the Americans, but a majority supported the British. The main promise of the British was to protect native lands from infiltrating American settlers. In spite of significant Native American aid to the British, the living conditions of the Native Americans did not improve in the slightest. With the American victory in 1781, the Native Americans lost land, power within the government, and role in the economy and trade business. The United States claim of victory over the British meant victory over the Native Americans as well.

The American Revolution directly affected the Native Americans because when the colonist won, they had lost large territories, and would have to share land with the colonist. The Revolutionary War divided the native nations as both the British and the newly formed United States tried to obtain Native American allies.

Most of the Native nations east of the Mississippi River sided with the British. Those who sided with the colonist often found themselves at odds. The Proclamation of 1763 kept colonist east of the Appalachian Mountains. The Proclamation of 1763 wasn't so forceful after the war because the colonists were independent from the King and he couldn't give them orders anymore. France owned a large piece of land that was west of the Appalachian, and the colonist eventually bought it. Further on, they also took hold of the area around California and Florida. The Natives were being taken away from their lands, and this led them to live in discomfort.

The Revolution was destructive towards the Native American population as a whole. After the conclusion of the war,