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Between the Sahyadris and the Arabian Sea is a narrow coastal strip, known as the Amadalli which varies from 8 to 10 kilometres (5.0 to 15 mi) in width. Amadalli is a large village in the southern state of Karnataka, India and lies between the coordinates 14°44'42"N and 74°13'33"E.

It is located in the Karwar taluk / tehsil of Uttara Kannada district. Village code of Amadalli is 691200 / 602627. It is situated 18 kms south of Karwar, 100 kms south Goa, 260 Km north of Mangalore and 545 kms northwest of the state capital, Bengeluru. The village stretches from Todur Village to the boundaries of Harwada village in Ankola Taluka on National Highway 17 (which will be NH 66). It is centrally located between Karwar and Ankola. The village is tucked in the Western Ghats from three sides and the Arabian Sea on the southern side, a beautiful place to be explored. Western Ghats or Sahyadri range, which runs from north to south through the district passes through the village. Behind the coastal plain are flat-topped hills from 60 to 100 meters in height, and behind the hills are the ridges and peaks of the Sahyadris. The village is situated 14 mtrs above sea level. It symbolizes beauty and nature amalgamated at one place. The tranquil ambience of the place inspires one to ponder on the deep mysteries of the nature. It offers an opportunity for the voyage of discovering the thrills of the sea, fishing, sand, sun, awesome scenario from the mountain, taste of the backwater fish (prawns(sungta), crabs(Kurli), various types of fish).

The total population of the village is 8725 persons living in around 1975 households. Our community (Konkan Maratha) constitute about 10 - 15% of the population. The numbers have dwindled over the...