Natural disaster knock out indonesia

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22 February, 2014

Natural disaster continue to knock over Indonesia

Natural disaster represents a test delivered by Allah to its people which have never we can know when it comes. Whether that earthquake, mount erupt, floods, tsunami etc. this matter which recently are knocking over Indonesia. Not only loss of items, but losing of life also happen each every disaster.

Earlier Indonesia's Mount Kelud erupted violently. Killing two peoples and sending massive ash plumes miles into the air. And causing more than 100,000 to evacuate parts of Java. The explosive eruption could be heard by residents more than 100 miles distant. Meanwhile in North Sumatera, Mount Sinabung continues its recent months of sporadic activity. Earlier this month, one of the scorching pyroclastic flows that poured down Sinabung's flanks overwhelmed a group of villagers, killing 16 peoples. Collected here are images of Kelud's activity today, and some of Sinabung's recent outbursts.

Mount Sinabung is among about 130 active volcanoes in Indonesia and has sporadically erupted since September. A series of huge blasts and eruptions thundered from the 2,600-metre volcano and a big plume of ash billowed into the sky.

Rescuers found 14 bodies and rescued three people with burn wounds, according to a spokesman for the National Disaster Mitigation Agency. Rescue efforts resumed and another body was discovered about three kilometres from the volcano's peak. Authorities had evacuated an area with more than 30,000 people, housing them in cramped tents, schools and public buildings, but many were desperate to return to check on homes and farms.

After a few weeks of mount Sinabung Eruption, another volcano in Indonesia also erupted. The explosive overnight eruption of Java Island's Mount Kelud could be heard up to 200 kilometers away. The ash cloud reached 30...